Poem For The Sunday Lectionary, Epiphany 3 (Yr. C)

(Nehemiah 8: 1-3,5-6,8-10; Psalm 19)
“The law of God is . . .sweeter also than honey
and drippings of the honeycomb.” – Ps. 19: 7,10
“All the people wept when they heard
the words of the law.” – Neh. 8:9

The law of God is the hand held out
to embrace the one who is grieving.

The law of God is the cup held out
to give drink to the one who is thirsty.

The law of God is the ear that is turned
to the voice of the one who is hurting.

The law of God is the feet that move
to walk a while with the lonely.

The law of God is the candle lit
in the dark for the one despairing.

The law of God is the burden shared
with the one who stumbles, weary.

The law of God is the laugh of the child,
the light in the eyes of the dancing.

The law of God is the smile on the face
of the feasting, who once was hungry.

And should we weep to hear this law
in the midst of our world of harshness,

should it burn our hearts and wound our souls
to think of all our selfishness,

let that salty sting become sweetness poured:
love’s honey, healing, saving us.

Copyright ©2019 by Andrew King

Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Pentecost +20)

(Matthew 22:34-46)

The soul stands on deck, rain-soaked in the storm,
wind-lashed, anxiously watching the dark sky.
It’s seeking safe harbour, calmer seas, warm
bays. It needs something to navigate by,
some star to break through the clouds, show the way
home. It has tried this long voyage alone,
but weary with the bleak night, longs for day.
Suddenly clouds break, and there in that zone
shines a bright star. It is Love! The command
to love God, to love neighbour – Christ showing
the way – is what guides the soul to good land,
its true home. Now see the star lowering:
becoming ship, becoming sail – both goal
and means. Yes: love leads and carries. Makes whole.