Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Epiphany 4, Yr B)

(Mark 1: 21-28)

Have you come to destroy us, Holy One?
We’ve had our way so long upon this earth,
and your salvation project’s just begun –
what makes you think the work you’ve brought to birth
will make a dent in all the wrong and hurt?
Do you think your power of love can mend
the wounds injustice makes; some puny word
of peace drown out the shouts of war; or end
the reign of hate and greed with mercy’s means?
Try to evict us if you can, our grip
upon this world is firm – although it seems
that mine, within this person here, just slipped

Ah, I’m done! I go! So you’ve won today.
How very long you must intend to stay. . .