About The Lectionary

Just in case some of my visitors do not know: The lectionary is a systematic series of Scripture readings, organized not according to the climatic seasons of the calendar year, but according to the liturgical seasons of the Church year, which progress annually through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and subsequent ministry of the Church. Readings for use in weekly worship are selected from both Testaments, and range, in a three-year cycle, over almost the entirety of Scripture. Any translation of the Bible can be used.

The first lectionaries were ancient, used in worship by the early church, and there have been several major iterations since then. The particular one used by the branch of the Christian family to which I belong (The United Church of Canada) is called the Revised Common Lectionary. It was principally based on the Roman Catholic lectionary, with a few changes.

Whether or not you are a worshipper, if you are interested in engaging the Bible, the lectionary provides a useful approach. The poems I am writing in this blog are focused on the Gospel readings for each week, but the lectionary includes a reading from the Hebrew Scriptures, the Psalms, and the Epistles of the New Testament each week as well.

4 thoughts on “About The Lectionary

  1. […] Andrew King has a wonderful blog full of his own poetry, much of it in response to the week’s lectionary. (Click through to his blog for an […]

  2. Carol Gilliam says:

    Hi Andy: I love your poetry. I will be preaching on July 6 and I am preaching on the story of David and his idea that he was going to build a permanent place to worship. God told him “No”. The scripture readings are 2 Samuel 7:13 and Chronicles 17:3-4. If you have any poems around this subject, I would love to know about it. Take care and blessings, Carol Gilliam

  3. Dear Andy,

    I want you to know I am a pastor and will use your poem about John the Baptist Advent 3B tomorrow. It is beautiful and just what we need!

  4. Charles C Caskey says:

    I would like to use you poems in my notes to my parish in Springfield MO from time to time. Last Sunday I used your poem as an introduction to my sermon and as a prayer at the end. Thank you for your posts.

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