A Hundred Thousand Thank Yous To My Readers

This week this blog achieved something of a milestone — with my 150th post, I noticed that it had passed the 100,000 mark in total views.
To all of you, from all over the world, who have given me the great honour of your visits, I extend a very sincere thank you.
Thank you especially to those who have used my poems in your sermons and services, and to all those who have left other encouraging comments — you have blessed and enriched me greatly.
I have enjoyed this journey. Thank you for being a part of it.

11 thoughts on “A Hundred Thousand Thank Yous To My Readers

  1. Tiina Cote says:

    Andrew, I am moved by your poem for Worldwide Communion Sunday. I would like to print it in our bulletin at our United Church. It would serve as a springboard for our reflective ritual prior to communion. would you extend copyright privileges for this Sunday?

  2. Kent Kubista (Lay Preacher at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Reno, NV) says:

    Dear Andrew,

    Thank you for your gift to the church! Your poetic writing and your remarkable way of interweaving your gift with the weekly lectionary readings is nothing short of pure artistry. What you glean from the scriptures is perfectly astute! God continue to bless you in every way. I, too, shared your poem, ‘Lord, Pour Us Out Like Unending Love’ in my sermon yesterday. I believe it touched a lot of people’s hearts. I would love to send you the text of my sermon if you would like to see how I included it. Peace be with you!

  3. effie zettel says:

    Andrew Your talents never fail to amaze me
    Thank-you and God Bless

  4. Kim Vidal says:

    I love your poems! We use most of it in our lectionary group. Blessings as you touch us with your words.

  5. Dauba Adams says:

    Yes, I love your poems also! They truly minister to me as I’m studying and reading for a service. Thank you.

  6. Morar says:

    Congratulations, Andrew, for enriching the personal spiritual journies of so many individuals, and through many who lead worship, thousands more! Our weekly worship is always richer for your poetry!

  7. Kim Vidal says:

    We have a lectionary group who uses your poems on a weekly basis. Thank you for inspiring us with your theology through poems.

  8. anne tonwsend says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this richness Andrew I’m planning to use your Thomas poem the Sunday after Easter in my sermon. Could we also print it in our church magazine – we print 75 copies and have to subsidize the cost!.

  9. Joyce Acree says:

    Andrew, each week, I search for your poems because they always speak so well to the subject. This past week when I read your poem on Emmaus, one of our lay leaders who is involved with Walk to Emmaus begged for a copy of the poem. I did not pass it on to him because I didn’t think that I should. My congregation does look forward to your poem each week. God bless you and your talent in ministry.

    • Morar says:

      I don’t know if Andy has seen this, but, knowing him, I imagine he would be happy to have a member have a copy of his poem. We used this poem as a call to worship, with the congregation repeating the question, “What do I know of the Emmaus road?” at the beginning of each stanza. It was very powerful.

  10. Jane Zhen says:

    So wonderfull you send out your new poem 2018! I pray for God’s gift that make me translate them to Chinese !

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