Poem For the Sunday Lectionary (Advent 2, Yr C)

(Luke 3: 1-6)

It had lain in the corner of the room,
an old box long unopened, collecting dust.
It had stood upon the top shelf of the cupboard,
a jar almost forgotten, tightly sealed.
But it was time.

The sun had risen as it always does,
people moved through streets, the thirsty fields.
The rulers of the world still issued edicts.
The poor still suffered and struggled.
Aching hearts in shadow.
The empire complacent in its harsh control.

Everywhere the accepted routines of life.

But in this John knew that the time had come.
Time to take down the almost forgotten jar,
to open at long last the dusty box of hope
and set free the contents strong as
pungent clouds of incense, strong as
inescapable swarms of stinging bees.
Time to disrupt the usual routine.
Time to release the remembered promise
of a God who is out to shake the empires
of the trapped and desperately dreamless
sleeping world.
John knew it was the right time then.
It remains the right time now.

Copyright ©2018 by Andrew King

3 thoughts on “Poem For the Sunday Lectionary (Advent 2, Yr C)

  1. Peter Horban says:

    Hello Andy,

    I received your poem, The Right Time, by email and was really moved by it. I’m writing to ask your permission to reproduce it (complete with your copyright notice, of course) in our liturgy this coming Sunday. We are a small nondenominational liturgical congregation in Abbotsford, BC, and I am bringing the homily on December 9, using the Luke 3:1-6 lectionary lesson. With your permission the poem would be printed in about sixty copies of our worship liturgy for that morning.

    Thank you for your inspiring and important work.


  2. Lyn Malone says:

    Are there recent updates in your posts. I like them. Thank you

    Sent from my iPad


    • Andy King says:

      Thank you, Lyn. I am grateful for your comment, for your visit to my blog, and that you like my poems. I regret to say that I have not written anything in a long time. Personal difficulties that I won’t bore you with. I hope that in your perusal of my blog you have found something worthwhile. Maybe I will be able to write again, and maybe those words will find you. God bless!

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