Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Pentecost +8, Yr C)

(Luke 10: 25-37)

The sun was cruelly hot that day,
it lay like weight on the skin;
and yes, I saw where the body lay,
naked and bloody and thin.
But my robes are long, I might have tripped
if I had bent to lend a hand,
and so I passed by. But I said a prayer –
I’m sure God had a plan.

You know how rough the road is there;
the robbers could have been near.
His condition for certain delivered a scare –
there’s a lot of crime around here.
I lead an upright life, you know; it’s why
God has blessed me with being rich.
So I hurried past, giving thanks to God
that it’s not me in that ditch.

I’m a busy man, I’ve many tasks
that occupy my mind.
My day is full from first to last,
there’s never enough of time.
I might have stopped, but my schedule
has to keep me rushing on.
Since it’s God’s work that I do, you know,
I don’t think I was wrong.

Perhaps we should question why this man
was chosen for being robbed –
could it be that he was a sinner, and
that this was the will of God?
And if it was indeed the man
himself who was to blame,
then I do not think by passing by
I’ve cause to be ashamed.

The sun was cruelly hot that day,
lying like weight on the skin,
and yes, I saw where the body lay,
naked and bloody and thin.
My heart was moved within me;
I felt pity for his pain.
So I stopped on the road to help him,
what more need I explain?

I don’t think I was being heroic
when I offered merciful aid.
And I’m not just being stoic
when I say I’ve been repaid.
The humble thanks he’s given
for having his life restored
is the blessing of God’s own heaven.
And kindness is its own reward.

Copyright ©2016 by Andrew King

10 thoughts on “Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Pentecost +8, Yr C)

  1. Lorraine says:

    Andy this poem is really special. It should be shared whenever that passage is read. Thank you.


  2. Jane M Conerly says:

    I read over your work sometimes but this one is really spot on. I may use it in the sermon — giving you credit, of course. God’s blessings on your work.
    Jane Conerly

  3. Would love to use this poem during worship on Sunday – with your permission? thank you.

  4. (The Rev Canon) David H Long, Dundas ON says:

    Hi Andy
    Once again I am scheduled to preach and your poem is awesome. I am considering having three people read it as part of my sermon.

    • Andy King says:

      Hi again David — thanks for visiting! I am so happy you like the poem — your idea for using it is great! Blessings to you and your congregation.

  5. Sheridan hannah says:

    Andrew I hope you don’t mind if I read your poem to finish my sermon on Sunday – crediting you of course – it says more than I’ve been able to put together. Thank you for your work, I always read it, preaching or not.

    • Andy King says:

      I am very grateful for your kind words, and so happy that you would like to read my poem to your congregation this Sunday. Thank you for visiting, and may you and your congregation be richly blessed!

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