Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (All Saints Day, Yr B)

(John 11: 32-44)

Even now,
in the shadowed
tomb of hopelessness,

even now
in the darkness
of the grave of grief,

even now
in the echoing
cave of loneliness,

even now
when pain
knows little relief,

even now
you can bring
light to the darkness,

even now
you can set free
the bound,

even now
you can roll stones
from the entrances

of all that
keeps joy

even now
you are Creator
of new tomorrows,

even now
you are Redeemer
of lost todays,

even now
Lord, bring
healing to our sorrows,

even now
Lord, let your love
win the day.

See also “Love That Has No Limits” (A Poem For The Sunday Lectionary, Lent 5)


2 thoughts on “Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (All Saints Day, Yr B)

  1. alanyount says:

    Another beautiful poem that shines a new light on my understanding of this Sunday’s Gospel. Thank you! Would you mind if I send this out to my congregation in our ‘E-News’? I will, of course, cite you and include a link to the poem on your blog.

  2. Andrew King says:

    Thanks, Alan, for the very encouraging comment. Please feel free to share the poem any way that you think would be good. I appreciate the link!

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