Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Baptism Of Jesus, Yr. B)

(Mark 1: 4-11)

See the wings shine.

The wings are the bright colour
of the morning of that first day
when light burst out of darkness,
the darkness of the void that was
the emptiness of the world
before God gave to it life;
that first day that was born
as God’s Spirit moved
and chaos was transformed by love.
The wings shine with the radiance of joy.

See the dove descend.

It is gentle as the touch
of the hand of love
that embraces a newborn child.
It is vibrant with the power
of the breath of the Spirit that
moved over the waters of creation.
In its breast beats the heart
that pulses with the grace
that is life from God eternal.
The dove descends with the fullness of joy.

Hear the voice of the heavens.

Hear the voice that spoke
from time’s beginning
declaring the goodness of creation.
Hear the word proclaimed
that speaks to all of time
the goodness of God’s Beloved.
Hear the voice as it sings
to all hearts that listen
God’s intention to bless the world.
It resounds with the exuberance of joy.

Attend to the wings that shine upon us,
to the dove that descends here among us,
to the voice that sings to our hearts.
Then follow, by grace
to a future that is joy.

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