Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Sunday of The Epiphany, Yr B)

(Matthew 2: 1-12)

Not every journey toward the Christ
starts like the magi’s in darkness,
but there might come
a time when, in the empty hours
of an otherwise unremarkable night,
you have happened to look up at the usual sky,
and noticed, almost by accident, between
passages of gray beasts of slow-moving cloud
the bright bloom of a strange star flowering,
and something begins to open a little
somewhere beneath your skin,
as if that new wedge of light in the sky
had inserted itself into your soul,
not enough to cause you any hurt, but just
enough that you feel a pang, the twinge
of something like longing, as if your eyes
in the silence have become ears
in the darkness, and you are hearing
a holy summons,
distant but ringing like a silver trumpet
in the chambers of your listening heart,
and you gaze at that star where it stands
in the sky dropping dust on the night horizon,
and you think it might be signalling
a holy Presence in the world
and a road you can take to meet it,
and that such a road, lit with such promise,
might lead to a great adventure,
where life becomes challenged
and changed and as new as the sky
above a better world.
And so you pack, and you leave
on this journey, this journey
where Christ is not only waiting
but walking your road at your side,
and you follow that light
as it closes the distance,
as it reaches deep within you,
touching gifts
you carry in your hand.

2 thoughts on “Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Sunday of The Epiphany, Yr B)

  1. Deeply, truly, richly beautiful!

  2. Rev. Batgirl says:

    It’s been four years since you wrote this, so I don’t know if you’ll see this comment or not, but I hope you will know how deeply this touched me for where I am in my life and where my congregation is.

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