Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Pentecost +17)

(Exodus 20: 1-20)

This is a moment of new creation:
blast of a trumpet and fire and smoke
and the people gathered at the foot of a mountain,
Moses on the summit, receiving words:

words that are beacons, words that cast shadow,
words that are firesparks struck from stone,
words that are trumpet, calling to silence,
words that will echo through ages to come,

words that are the beating heart of a covenant,
words of requirement, words that are gift,
words that are bones in the body of a people,
words that are blood flowing into their veins,

words that are power, spoken to weakness,
words that are freedom because they are fence,
words that challenge us, words that summon us,
words that are song for a life-long dance,

words that are dwelling place, words of foundation,
words that are law, given in grace,
words that are signposts, words that are journey,
words that are a pathway pointing to peace.

This is a moment of new creation:
blast of a trumpet and fire and smoke
and we are the people at the foot of a mountain
and we have these words, our heart for their home.

Copyright © 2014 by Andrew King

8 thoughts on “Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Pentecost +17)

  1. Barbara Cairns says:

    what a great poem.

  2. Evelyn says:

    May I have permission to include this in my sermon? It also gets posted on our website and is sent to shut-ins.

  3. Michael Waldrop says:

    Great poem. So much insight and beauty rolled into one.

  4. Rev. Rhonda J. Cushman says:

    This is a very evocative poem. I would like to share it — with attribution– with the folks who participate in our monthly Bible Discussion Group at Holy Redeemer Lafayette, a senior living, personal care and health care community. we’re going to discuss Exodus 20:1-17 this week. Some of it, anyway.

  5. PJ Bealudoin says:

    Please may I use your poem in worship?

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