Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Pentecost +14)

Matthew 18: 21-35

Forgiveness is sending flowers
with a card of congratulations
to one who has come through
suffering: yourself.

Forgiveness is taking the stone
that broke the blade of the plow
and transferring it to the center
of your garden.

Forgiveness is digging a hole
into cracked and thirsty earth
and not just pouring in water
but planting a tree.

Forgiveness is emptying the goblet
into which you poured the poison
and placing it, clean and shining,
on the farthest shelf.

Forgiveness is shaking loose
the pinched, cracked skin
you have been living in
and leaving it behind for the crows.

Forgiveness is tearing in two the curtains
that enclosed your heart’s hurting
and letting in the dusty light
to bathe the wound.

Forgiveness is removing the pins
from the wings of two
dead butterflies
and watching both those butterflies
fly away free.

3 thoughts on “Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Pentecost +14)

  1. Ken Bechaz says:

    Beautiful. Simply Beautiful. Thank you for the gift of your poetry.

  2. revralarson says:

    Thank you so much, this is medicine for my soul.

  3. preacher1120 says:

    So nice, Andy. Just lovely.

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