Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Pentecost +12)

(Exodus 3: 1-15)

The sun-soaked surfaces of orchard and field.
The wind-swept waves of the glittering sea.
The purple of the pansies jostling in the breeze.
The magnificence of the butterfly and the bee.

The white of the moon in the ink-black sky.
The silence of the clouds like drifting ships.
The music of the robins, cardinals, sparrows.
The soft touch on the skin of morning mist.

The smile on the lips of the face long-beloved.
The festival of song in lifted laughter.
The healing that brings relief from long suffering.
The sparkling light on leaves after rain in summer.

The earth is ablaze, the blue sky is flaming,
everywhere around us is the burning bush.
We are bathed in incandescence,
are awash in fiery radiance,
and we are candles to be lit with a holy flame.

Turn aside, turn aside like awestruck Moses.
Turn aside from the busyness, the burdens and the worry.
Turn aside in our tiredness, in our sadness,
and in our celebrations.
Turn aside in our night-time and our days of hurry.

Turn aside, turn aside like Moses in wonder.
Listen for the voice of God.
Calling our name.

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