A Poem For Easter Sunday

(John 20: 1-18)

Now for the dawning, now for the morning,
now for the chasing of sorrow’s night,
now for the rising, now for rejoicing,
now for darkness fleeing before light,

now for beginning after the ending,
now for the rolling of stone from tomb,
now for the dancing, now for the praising,
now for breaking the grip of gloom,

now for the greening, now for the flowering,
now for the garden bursting with life,
now for the singing, now for the sharing,
now for the peace in place of strife,

now for the laughing, now the embracing,
now for the joyful freedom of heart,
now for the healing, now for the caring,
now for nourishing the weaker part,

now for forgiveness, now for redemption,
now for repairing that which was torn,
now for the mercy, now for the justice,
now for the plowshare made from the sword,

now for believing, now for the hoping,
now for our lives and creation made new,
now for the giving, now for the serving,
ever celebrating what God’s love can do.

Copyright © 2014 by Andrew King


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