Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Epiphany 5)

(Matthew 5: 13-20)

Because there is a girl who walked to school today
with her stomach empty of food.
Because there is a boy who hears the bombs today
with his stomach clenched in fear.

Because there is a man who looked for work today,
his heart withering in despair.
Because there is a woman who looked in the mirror today
touching scars that once were breasts.

Because there is a parent sitting beside the bed today
of an illness-stricken child.
Because there is a gun in the hand of a boy today,
crack in the hand of a girl.

Because there is an old man alone in a hall today,
watching the hands of a clock slowly move.
Because there is a bully in a school classroom today
– and in some bedrooms and boardrooms too.

Because there is a woman sleeping on a grate today,
everything she owns in two green bags.
Because there is a child listening to hate today,
being told why the other guy or group is so bad.

Because like cities set on hills, we can’t hide today
from the only world we have.
But mostly because we are given God’s gift today:
The salt and the light that are love.

One thought on “Poem For The Sunday Lectionary (Epiphany 5)

  1. Kathy Toivanen says:

    Very powerful!

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